PTCPas - a free, portable framebuffer library, written in Free Pascal


PTCPas is a free, portable framebuffer library, written in Free Pascal. It allows low-level high-speed graphics access on multiple platforms and is distributed under the terms of a modified (to allow static linking) GNU LGPL license. Currently supports DirectX, X11, VBE1.2+ and fakemodes. It has been tested on Windows (all versions since Windows 95; on i386 and x86_64), Linux (i386, x86_64 and ppc), FreeBSD and DOS.


To download the latest version go to the sourceforge project summary page...

Here's a little game written by me, that uses this library.


PTCPas comes with an API reference, that is also available online here.


Questions, bug reports, patches are welcome, just mail me.


PTCPas initially started out as a complete Object Pascal translation of the OpenPTC C++ library. Since then, OpenPTC development has stalled and PTCPas lives on as a fully independent Object Pascal project.